Mike Sawyer on Mir, UFC, Pride

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3/26/07 3:05:41PM

It was my typical morning. I was making my rounds checking out the various websites and pulled up one of my favorites www.wrestlingobserver.com and noticed that there was a story covering the WEC show that happened Saturday night here in town

3/27/07 6:21:56PM
Great find. Lot of stuff I didn't know about Mir. This makes ense , but also saddens me. What a waste of potential.
3/27/07 8:24:34PM
i agree FRANK MIR is the biggest waste of potential i've ever seen....
i know he was UFC champion but he could have been dominant in the HW division i dont know if it was the crash or lack of ambition( because of the way he returned to the ufc) but if he had learned stand up IMO he would be champ stil....
i dont mean any disrespect to any champion since but in his early fights he had the heart of randy couture (look at the 2nd sims fight he was shattered and still won by KO) and if he would have learned stand up he could have been ranked NO1 in the world
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