Mike Massenzio is an underdog?

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11/21/08 11:45:36PM
really? most ppl think cb is gonna win? i would have thought it would be the hot bout or at least close, man i hope mike wins tho
11/22/08 12:30:22AM
yeah, i have faith that CB dollaway can beat other wrestlers.
11/22/08 12:49:45AM
yeah i dont know a whole deal about either but i know cb is cocky and a curved upper lip

who has the JJ advantage?
11/22/08 1:02:20AM
massenzio got better jj but c.b got a better standup and i will give the wrestling adventage to c.b
11/22/08 1:48:07AM
CB has beaten Massenzio previously in a wrestling match. So I think Massenzio has a lot to prove to himself in this fight.
11/22/08 1:51:58AM
well im sure some people pick purely on who they know more, ive done it. Like Mike is somewhat unheard of.

CB had the TUF exposure, even though he is cocky he is suppose to be pretty good. I have him winning.
11/22/08 4:28:35PM
i'm going to pick mike as long as he has the underdog bonus. i think he can sub CB off his back a lot like Amir did....twice

anyone know where CB is training. i think he's training at Arizona Combat Sports but i'm not sure. can someone clarify for me?
11/22/08 4:37:44PM
Yup, C.B. Is still at ACS. I actually think his jits is a little underrated after he got subbed twice by Amir, he looked pretty good on the offence, just needs to work his D a little.
11/24/08 11:05:56PM
i have that bastard winning
12/1/08 7:48:18PM
I think C.B. will out wrestle him and win a UD.
12/2/08 9:56:54AM
CB won a wrestling match against him, however takedown wise they are very close

wouldnt be surprised by a Massenzio win

Massenzio is a blue belt but has won some good competitions no gi
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