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7/11/11 11:15:15AM
TUF 7 and IFL Veteran Mike Dolce has recently joined MMAPlayground and has agreed to answer questions you may have. If you do have any questions, feel free to post them here and Mike will chime in with answers when he gets a chance. Please keep in mind that Mike is a busy man and may not be able to answer your question right away. Check back from time to time for answers to any questions you may have.

Also, make sure you follow him on Twitter as well @TheDolceDiet

Also, make sure you stop by MikeDolceMMA.com and show 'em some love!

Thanks again for doing this, Mike! And thanks for showing your support for MMAPlayground.

7/11/11 4:47:26PM
Thats pretty cool! Thanks for doing this Mike!
I've got three questions I've always wanted to ask.

How long would it take you to turn a 260lb Roy Nelson into a 205lb Roy Nelson?

Have you ever had a fighter approach you to help with their weight cut and turned them away because it would have been impossible?

How does it feel to have almost every top level MMA fighter wanting you to help with their diet and training?

7/12/11 9:47:51PM
Hey guys! If you know me, you know I love to share my experience, so this opportunity to jump in and answer a few of your questions is awesome!


#1 - I think the best answer is, "As long as we have before his next fight." You may remember what I have done with Rampage before the Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida fights. In both cases, Rampage had started training camp with a bodyweight in excess of 250lbs...and that was just 8 weeks before fight night. Doing a side-by-side comparision, it is safe to say that Rampage probably has as much, if not more, lean m,uscle mass on his frame than Roy has and both guys stand about 6'2" (I must say medical conditions may alter this expectation.)

#2 - No. I have never turned a fighter away because of bodyweight issues. My only criteria are, "Would I invite this person into my home to share a meal with my family." That is how I choose my athletes. Also, I work by seniority and loyality, not money. What this means is, I will not replace an athlete with a higher ranked athlete, regardless of payday, if I had already been engaged in a professional manner by the former.

#3 - It really does make me proud to see my work is appreciated at the highest levels of our sport. I am very much a blue-collar guy from humble a humble upbringing that had to sacrifice much in order to follow my true passion of spreading my ideal of health. And, to now see that I have had an impact at such an elite level is a true honor. Rampage, Sonnen, Maynard, Alves, Belfort, Bisping, Ellenberger, Pyle, Heiron, Herman, Quarry, Bocek, Ludwig, Loveland, Harris, Wilson, and Julia Budd are just a few of the top names I can think of that I already work with and there are so many more that I had to turn down due to my seniority and loyalty policies. Honestly, I am truly blessed!

Thank you so much for the questions and I look forward to becoming a regular member on this site.

All the best,
The Dolce Diet
7/13/11 2:19:32AM
Who's funnier in person - Chael or Quinton?
7/13/11 3:01:00AM
Welcome to the site Mike; I was front row for your fight at IFL - Everett in 2007.

Among everyone you have worked with on nutrition, what fighter, if any, had the hardest time sticking to The Dolce Diet - organic and whole foods plan. Say they couldn't resist a McRib when you weren't looking
7/29/11 12:05:50AM
Pookie - I would have to say Chael is funnier because his humor is the type that many people do not even understand but once it is explained...it is hilarious! Quinton is a funny guy also but he likes to play a physical role in his comedy, so it is slightly more obvious.

Kpro - Honestly, all my athletes love living the lifestyle I plan out for them and a big part of that is because I expect them to be regular human beings that deserve a few slices of pizza or a trip to Cold Stone every now and then. that is one of the best parts about 'The Dolce Diet,' you are allowed to enjoy life like a normal person...as long as you have earned your treats!

Thanks for taking the time to jump on this thread and I will be coming back here often and look to really start getting to know everyone better.

7/29/11 11:42:42AM
Hi Mike. I've got a couple of quick ones for you.

What's Michael Bisping really like away from the cameras ?

Will you be fighting anytime soon ?

Thanks again Mike.
8/16/11 3:21:16PM
Hey Mike, JJ Here

Great to have a famous fighter on the site, where (other than your hometown) was your favourite place to fight?

8/16/11 3:46:13PM
Hey mike, just a quick few for ya

Which fighter, if any, did you look 2 for diet advice before the Dolce diet?

What are your cheat foods?

Thanks for your time Mr. Dolce
8/17/11 12:57:09AM
How do you get to fight in small orgs? How do you go about fighting in small orgs? Do I need to be part of a camp or can I just go watch an event and flag down the promoter?

8/25/11 5:03:27PM
Good luck with Matt Mitrione big fan of the guy!
8/25/11 11:04:14PM
sick. Welcome to the site dude.
2/10/12 1:49:51PM
Is Mike still around?

I come to this thread regularly to see if there is anything new.
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