Mike Ciesnolevicz & Tim Boetsch Released From UFC

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6/26/09 1:28:20AM
The current downsizing of the UFC’s packed roster continued recently, as MMAWeekly.com has learned the promotion has released Mike Ciesnolevicz, who joins fellow light heavyweight Tim Boetsch on the outside of the Octagon looking in.

Boetsch made waves when he stepped in as a late replacement for Tomasz Drwal at UFC 81 and defeated David Heath in impressive fashion, but went 2-2 for the promotion, with his most recent appearance being a unanimous decision loss to Jason Brilz at UFC 96 in March. He was released shortly thereafter.

6/26/09 6:08:21AM
I'm kind of suprised they relesed Mike C, but that's what it comes to with all they people they have under contract.
6/26/09 7:31:48AM
has Cameron Dollar been released? i didn't read anything yesterday after Frank Lester was let go...
6/26/09 9:23:43AM
Boetch was released quite awhile ago but I did not know about Ciesnolevicz
6/26/09 10:45:00AM
Little suprised since mike was 1-1 and not 0-2. but mike c did miss weight in the last fight.
6/26/09 2:20:17PM
i don't know why mike c was released he just lost one fight
maybe he should stay at heavy weight boetsch was gone awhile back
but i don't get why some guys go while others who suck way more stay
6/26/09 6:00:28PM
I dont understand why Ciesnolevicz was released.

He came in as a late replacement to fight Neil Grove at HW (he had to move up to HW division). Link

He came in as a late replacement to fight Tomasz Drwal and lost. Link

Two fights, both times as a late replacement. Ciesnolevicz stepped up twice for the UFC and he ends up getting canned? Weird.

I know he probably would not have contended for a title shot, but he is a solid fighter nonetheless, definitely UFC worthy.

6/26/09 6:37:56PM
Sad to see Boetsch go. I thought he had potential.
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