Mike Budnik Goes From The X Games To WEC

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8/3/08 5:18:01AM
Naturally, this weekend's MMA spotlight will be focused squarely on the likes of Carlos Condit, Jamie Varner and Brian Stann as, once again, the WEC has quietly put together another solid card.

However, the fight we're most looking forward to involves Mike Budnik. The former pro skater and X games veteran recently made the jump to MMA and is currently sitting on a 6-0 pro record. On Sunday, he faces another WEC newcomer, Greg McIntyre, in a 155 lbs bout. It seems only fitting that Budnik gets this chance of a lifetime in MMA while X Games 14 kicks off.

A few months back we interviewed Budnik about his new life in MMA so we thought this would be a good time to replay that interview so you can brush up on your Budnik history and impress your buddies at your WEC party on Sunday.

Oh, and if you're looking for a quicker way to learn a little more about Budnik just watch his 2007 knockout of the year candidate thanks in large part to Kenny Giddens' chin.

8/3/08 12:02:07PM
I wondered if that was him when I saw his name on the picks list.
8/3/08 2:54:12PM
that's dope. most of the skaters i know are pussies. Cool guys, but pussies. What's that dudes name on Sirius that is training for MMA. I think he was a pro skater/ or is a pro skater. Jason somethin.
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