Mike Brown vs Jose Aldo at WEC 44 on Nov. 11 (source)

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7/14/09 5:15:42PM
Jose Aldo’s long-dreamed-of shot at the WEC featherweight crown has come. As discovered by GRACIEMAG.com, the Brazilian fighter will face Featherweight champion Mike Brown on November 11.

“I found out the news yesterday, when I came to the gym to train. Dede [Andre Pederneiras] told me and I signed the contract. Now I’m just waiting for the day to get here,” said and excited Jose Aldo, exclusively to GRACIEMAG.com.

The Nova Uniao black belt made it clear, however, that despite the good news, he will remain concentrated and focused solely on the challenge at hand. “I’m only going to feel fulfilled when I conquer the belt, we have to work hard and consistently, since I still have another rung to climb,” stated the fighter.

“Mike Brown is a great athlete and he’s becoming more and more well-rounded as time goes by. He came over from wrestling and is really good at the style. His ground game has come a long ways. We’ll se. Now I’m going to travel with Marlon Sandro, my teammate, for the Sengoku final, August 2, and later when I return I’ll focus on training real hard and coming up with a good strategy,” he said.

With 15 wins and only one loss in professional MMA, Aldo has had a successful campaign in the WEC, winning all five fights in the organization by knockout, three in the very first round.

Mike Brown is undefeated since 2005, having won all four of his appearances in the WEC. His latest victim is former champion Urijah Faber, who he beat by unanimous decision in June of this year.

Source: Graciemag.com
7/14/09 5:28:54PM
7/14/09 5:57:45PM
Nice. This will be an awesome scrap.

WAR Aldo...
7/14/09 6:02:52PM
Let the reign of Jose Aldo begin!!!!
7/14/09 6:04:39PM
Yesssss Aldo!!
7/14/09 6:09:49PM
nice aldo is an animal, but brown is too big and strong.
7/14/09 6:18:46PM

I smell a flying triple knee from guard.
7/14/09 6:20:13PM
Speed vs. Power. This is going to be good.
7/14/09 6:33:34PM

Posted by Jackelope

Speed vs. Power. This is going to be good.

The Unstoppable force vs. the Immovable object
7/14/09 6:47:22PM
Aldo by KO....Im really pulling for Jose in this one.

7/14/09 7:35:00PM
awww on my bday! what a nice lil' gift from the WEC
7/14/09 7:58:45PM
Knew this fight was coming. It's going to be a great fight. Definetally going to be Aldo's toughest test to date. Brown has faced stiffer competition so that should help in this fight. But he'd be insane to stand and bang with Aldo. He needs to go in this fight and imediately take him down. I know Aldo is a very good BJJ guy too but I believe that Browns wrestling nullifies it. I think Brown keeps his title here. By GnPing Aldo in the 2nd or 3rd round.
7/14/09 8:46:29PM
If Aldo was naturally bigger, even Fabiano's size, I'd like his chances with Mike Brown in his guard more. As is, I'm not sure he can handle the size of that guy.

Going to be a quick but good fight. I don't see it making it to the scorecards.
7/14/09 8:55:01PM
I think this is too much, too soon for Aldo.
7/14/09 9:46:48PM
Great fight, Aldo is good, but I think M.T.B keeps the belt. he's looked great in he WEC and I think he'll be champ for a long time to come.
7/14/09 9:59:53PM
Brown is too good. If Aldo tries a flying knee he'll most likely end up like Arlovski.
7/14/09 11:31:34PM
Gona be a great fight going with Mike brown in this one.

7/14/09 11:32:19PM
Shame the WEC won't sign any UK guys and it has nothing to do with the ability of the UK FW's because there are some really good ones.
7/15/09 12:47:40AM
now this is gonna be a full on bloody war!!!!
7/15/09 11:53:18AM
I'm thinking Brown by UD or he eventually wears down Aldo in the championship rounds and finishes him with some GNP.
7/15/09 11:57:50AM
Looking forward to this one, I think Aldo's got what it takes.

FYI: This fight is at WEC 45, not 44. All the sources I've checked say it's at 45.
7/15/09 2:39:48PM
jose aldo = speed kills.
7/15/09 2:40:16PM
Reed Harris (WEC GM) confirmed the fight today, so it's official. No date/venue set beyond a "target" of mid-November.
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