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6/27/10 10:28:26AM
Yeah Sagget is a monster on stage. total 180 from Danny Tanner! But back to the thread. Miguel better watch what he says. I wouldnt want either of the cyborgs mad at me. And he said this to a lot of people.
6/27/10 6:51:16PM
i dont think he would beat either cyborg
7/10/10 10:02:28PM
Hell no!!! I would love to see a gender vs. gender match with Torres vs Cris Cyborg!! Miguel might chose his twitter BS a bit closer next time. Everyone is tough behind a computer screen. Our culture is a bit too removed from times when people spoke respectively because of repercussions!!!! But in the cage. My money is on Cyborg......Cristiane that is!!!! Not to mention what Evangelista would do to him!!

EDIT: Whoot, Whoot!!! I am a sensei now biachs!!!!
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