Miguel Torres vs Manny Tapia WEC 37 title fight set for Dec. 3

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9/26/08 3:55:40PM
Miguel Torres will once again put his 135-pound title on the line when he takes on Manny Tapia at WEC 37 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday, December 3.

Torres is in the midst of a breakout year despite years of dominating his competition in smaller shows throughout the nation. In fact, he has what some would consider a cult-like following from those who watched him shine in and around the Chicago area before signing with the Zuffa-owned promotion.

Fans likely now know the reason for all the underground buzz after “Angel” scored a thrilling third round technical knockout win over Yoshiro Maeda earlier this year in one of the best fights of 2008 to date.

Torres — a Carlson Gracie protégé with sick Muay Thai skills — submitted Chase Beebe prior to defeating Maeda to capture the WEC bantamweight title.

9/26/08 4:08:55PM
Torres is an awesome fighter!
9/26/08 4:14:11PM
torres will take it by sub, but tapia is tough, he should make it exciting before torres slaps on a submission.
9/26/08 7:22:19PM
AWESOME.....Can't wait for this fight!!!!!!!!!!!!
9/26/08 11:20:09PM
Torres went through like five subs before deciding on one and submitting Chase Beebe. Torres is a GREAT fighter, the best at 135 and easily in the top 10 p4p. I've watched him for a long time now and I want to continue watching him fight better talent. His submissions and sic, and his Muay Thai is devastating. He's a great fighter, he just needs not to get to emotional. He hurt Maeda but should've finished him quicker and would've had he not got mad in the first round. That was a great fight.
9/27/08 12:08:22AM
I can't see Tapia offering much in this fight. He's got power in his hands, but he's a wild striker and his ground game is nothing compared to Torres. I don't think this is going to be a "good" fight simply because Tapia is going to be outclassed in every way.
It will still be good to see Miguel fight though.
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