Miguel Torres: "Faber Fight Is Going To Happen"

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7/8/08 12:53:31PM
According to current WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres, a superfight with WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber is going to happen at some point. He even says it has to, but that everyone would love to see it.

7/8/08 1:07:45PM
That would be so badass.
7/8/08 1:07:49PM
I didn't realize people were even thinking about these two guys fighting... hmm i have to say it would be interesting, but I'd have to pick Faber by Murder. The war that Torres had recently with Yoshiro Maeda makes me want to see a rematch between the two as it was an awesome fight that was stopped by a doctor due to swelling. After that bout is settled I really wouldn't mind seeing Torres fight Faber as long as he beats Maeda again first. Like it said in the article though, i don't see this fight happening anytime in the immediate future.
7/8/08 1:08:05PM
i'd pay to see that fight, but i wouldn't have to since it would be on the versus network
7/8/08 1:26:58PM
faber takes it at 145.

i want to see faber take on tyson again, and he'll beat tyson this time.
7/8/08 1:42:32PM
I think that would be such an amazing fight.. Miguel is one of the most versitile fighters out there.. I like Faber as well, but I will be rooting for Miguel by submission.
7/8/08 1:58:36PM
i wonder if torres ll challenge for the 45 belt
7/8/08 2:45:08PM

Posted by bustin_mma

i wonder if torres ll challenge for the 45 belt

Faber could make 135 if he wanted.
7/8/08 3:40:10PM
this would be an amazing matchup id have to go with Torres maybe.
7/8/08 3:54:37PM

Posted by IriShame

That would be so badass.

well said
7/8/08 3:54:45PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

faber takes it at 145.

i want to see faber take on tyson again, and he'll beat tyson this time.

No and hell no
7/8/08 4:32:12PM
Faber is too big for Torres. Faber would overpower him the whole fight.
7/8/08 5:23:02PM
I would love to see this fight @ 135... Torres definitely has the skillset to defeat Faber.
7/8/08 5:36:38PM
My first thought is maybe the obvious: Catch weight at 140, sort of a middle ground for both. I'd love to see a fight like this too, seems that every time these top Bantamweights or Featherweights get it on it's going to be a FOTY candidate.
7/8/08 6:13:11PM
Miguel is 5'9 so I think he could easily add some bulk, Urijah on the other hand is only 5'6. He looks pretty small to me even for a 145lber. So I really don't think size would be a factor. If it stayed on their feet I think Miguel would light him up, but if it went to the mat Urijah could outwrestle him all night.

Get em' Miguel, smash that pretty boy to pieces.
7/8/08 9:18:27PM
You it's funny he's talking about fighting Faber. After I saw both win their last matches I thought about this fight. This fight would be great! I would be so excited.
7/8/08 10:11:31PM
This could be a great match! I still see Faber winning though, he's stronger and he's beaten many a BJJ specialist in the past.
8/23/08 11:28:57AM
Light Faber up on the feet? Did you see the Pulver fight?

I think Faber is too fast, even for a smaller guy like Torres.

Rnd 1 TKO. Not EVEN close.
8/23/08 11:36:00AM
my money is on 18 rouds of hell. I would LOVE to see this fight.
8/23/08 11:55:34AM
I dunno... I think Faber is way too powerful for Torres. I don't really see any way Torres wins other than by pulling off a sub which I don't think he would be able to do.

Also to whoever said that Faber would beat Tyson, he probably wouldn't for the exact same reason. Faber is big for 145, but he's not very big at 155. Tyson could probably fight at 170 if he wanted to. Size difference comes too much into play in the lighter weight categories for either of those fights to be very interesting.
8/23/08 2:50:36PM
Dream fight come true right here! I likeboth but i'd be rooting for Torres, that guys a beast and he deserves the recognition!
8/23/08 8:23:45PM
This could headline any UFC event, easily.
8/23/08 9:51:31PM
Torres is a more complete fighter than Faber... he takes this one in a hard-fought battle.
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