Miguel Torres eyes next WEC fight in possibly December

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6/11/08 1:08:33AM

“They still have a couple of guys out there. They have Tapia, Brian Bowles, but he’s still kind of new. I hope they give him a couple of fights before they put him in there with me, but he’s a pretty tough guy; the guy from Greg Jackson’s camp, I think his name is Damacio Page. They have Dominick Cruz, he’s fighting at 135 now, so there are some guys out there. They have some more Japanese guys. I have guys in front of me waiting. I think in a couple of years, I’ll move up in weight, but right now I’ll stay at 35 and try to take care of business…. I told them I would like to go as soon as December. I want to fight at least by December. I want to get at least one more this year.

6/11/08 9:22:28AM
given he is suspended for 6 months, it would have to be December at the earliest. I would really liek to see him fight Tapia.
6/11/08 1:19:43PM
I hope the WEC puts on a Torres-Maeda rematch. I think Torres would beat him again but the fight was so exciting. I think they'll probably give Tapia the next shot, though.
6/11/08 4:58:04PM
torres is the man. tapia should be next in line to fight him.
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