Miguel Torres Defends Title in Dec!

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9/16/08 9:37:32AM

Miguel Torres Defends His Belt Dec 3rd

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Miguel Torres Ready To Defend WEC Title On December 3rd

WEC Bantamweight Champion and top ranked bantemweight in the world Miguel Torres is ready to defend his title on December 3rd as he tells MMAWeekly.com:

"I fight Dec. 3. I don't know who I'm going to fight yet, but I'm going to fight whoever they bring to me," Torres told MMAWeekly.com. "I don't know the venue. I think it might be in Vegas."

"Like I said, I'm down to fight whoever they have in my weight class. I think Manny Tapia will be an exciting fight because he'll want to bang the whole time. Brian Bowles too, is very explosive standing up and has a good ground game. But I'm hoping to fight anybody,"
9/16/08 10:36:30AM
Brian Bowles would be an awesome fight, but I think that Tapia deserves the fight if he's healthy. I always feel bad for a guy if his title shot is taken away from him because of an injury, and then he has to work his way back up.
Any way it goes, I don't see anyone beating Miguel.
9/16/08 11:03:00AM
Can't wait. That kid fights so hard he never stops moving always looking for subs using heel strikes so fun to watch him.
9/16/08 9:39:31PM
Torres is a really good fighter whose fun to watch and brings it everytime. His last fight was a war and I'm hoping for another in December.
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