Miguel Torres vs. Brian Bowles set to headline WEC 40 in Chicago

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1/20/09 12:34:29AM
A long-rumored title fight between WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres (35-1 MMA, 4-0 WEC) and undefeated challenger Brian Bowles (7-0 MMA, 4-0 WEC) is now set for WEC 40.

1/20/09 1:21:45AM
If Torres wasnt at 135, I think Bowles could be the champ but sorry bowles. Torres is just on another level.

Even though Faber looked unbeatable and then got defeated, I dont see it happening here, atleast I hope not.
1/20/09 8:51:26AM

Seriously though, this one is going to come down to gameplan. Brian's main advantages lie in his wrestling and physical strength. If he can control the clinch up against the cage I think he's got a real shot at winning this. His BJJ is sharp enough that I'm not too worried about a submission. My biggest concern is Tores' freakish reach. I mean, i'm 6'2'' and he has the same reach as me. If Brian can't get inside, it's going to be rough on him.
1/20/09 9:14:34AM
FYI - If anyone's down for an avatar bet, I'll take Torres.

2 weeks. No gayness.

Who wants some!?

PS...forum regulars only, please.
1/20/09 4:14:37PM
Bowles is my boy. I hope he takes the belt off Miguel, but its gonna be a tall order. Torres is a beast. Gonna be a hell of a fight.
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