Midwest Playgrounders- We've got a suite set aside for Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson

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6/30/11 2:41:03PM
If anyone is interested I've purchased a luxury suite at the Sear Centre for July 30th Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson. As of right now there is a group of eight people in the suite which includes myself, a few other Playground Bullies, and some friends.

The suite has seating for up to 21 people and I can purchase additional tickets up until a day or two before the event. Tickets will be $110 though if your interested in multiple tickets I can cut the cost some as it will help defer the cost for everyone involved.

The suite is upper level #3. We're on the entrance ramp side of the arena which should be great for when the show goes live on showtime. The Sears Centre isn't a very big venue at all, so the view will be great. We're carpooling down from Minnesota, so there is the possibility for travel arrangements to be made for people who live in Wisconsin and Illinois if it's not out of our way. If anyone is interested PM me.

6/30/11 6:52:19PM
I've already got tickets, but this is a great idea!
6/30/11 7:02:10PM
If I lived anywhere near you, Bojangalz, I would be all over this opportunity. Sounds like just what I need right now. Awesome idea, bro. Props for putting this out there even if I can't attend.

EDIT: I need to spread the love
6/30/11 10:16:43PM
So looking forward to this event. I can't wait; and to only think it's a month away
7/11/11 5:52:11PM
Definitely looking forward to this event. I think right now we have 8 committed people and maybe 2 on the fence. We ideally need to be at 10. So if any of you other guys reading this are on the fence, get off it throw your hat in the ring, this will be an awesome event.
7/20/11 8:43:54PM
Still have 1-2 spots left, a few people on the fence, anyone on here thinking about going?
7/21/11 8:37:23AM
If I was going I would do it
I may be in a suite for the velasquez vs jds fight. My friends bro company has on at HP pavilion
7/31/11 11:17:02AM
For the record it was an great time and having the ability to get up and move freely and converse with some knowledgeable and reasonable friends as opposed to your typical MMA fan refreshing. Something we will definitely consider again in the future.
8/2/11 8:25:38AM
Anyone have pictures to share?
8/5/11 6:35:07PM
I'll have to check with the others... All I did was snap a few with the camera on my phone, and you know how those can be in low-light conditions.

All I can say was the card was pretty epic. The way the main event played out was unbelievable. I was really please when the replay came up and it was apparent that the stoppage was reasonable and just... That would have put a damper on things otherwise.
8/11/11 1:34:42AM
I had a great time as well. My only complaint was the guy shouting "U-S-A" during the Kennedy/Lawler fight. When his buddy asked him who he wanted to win, he said "The American."
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