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POLL: Who is the MVP so far?
Steve Nash (pho) 44% (4)
Dirk Nowinski (dal) 11% (1)
Chris Bosh (tor) 11% (1)
Gilbert Arenas (was) 22% (2)
DWayne Wade (mia) 11% (1)
Kobe Bryant (lal) 0% (0)
2/13/07 12:48:41PM
who is the mvp of the first half??

if other please specify
2/15/07 9:00:49AM
bosh baby

even though sebastian telfair should be on the list cuz he is the best player in the league hands down!!
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2/17/07 12:12:29AM
Dwayne Wade
2/17/07 10:39:44AM
Napoleon Dynamite
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