2 Middleweight Bouts Added To DREAM 12

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10/9/09 9:59:06AM
FEG today announced 2 Middleweight fights for the upcoming DREAM 12 event on October 25. Former Cage Rage fighter Zelg Galesic returns from a 13-month absence to face feared striker Melvin Manhoef, while Paulo Filho returns to DREAM to face Dong Sik Yoon.

10/9/09 10:11:14AM
That's cool, but what wouldve been even better IMO is make a Manhoef vs Filho rematch and just put galesic vs the donger together
10/9/09 10:52:28AM
I hope whoever is most impressive in the Manhoef and Paulo fights gets a shot a Gegard, as much as I dont want to see any of these fight, it does make sense if they wanna hype Gegard and eventual big matches that he would be involved in,
10/9/09 9:47:36PM
i think the match ups are great for all involved, both of the strikers will put on a great display and Filho is at his right wieght again. It all works out in the end.
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