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9/26/12 3:05:23PM

Posted by Poor_Franklin

Posted by ghandikush

Posted by Poor_Franklin

i didnt know Munoz was a Top 4 MW

Thought he was

Guess not?

it's all a matter of opinion, if ranked high, def not higher than 4 bc of Sonnen, Belfort, & Anderson. If you are keeping Hendo & Franklin out of MW, then maybe I could see him that high. Maybe...

I would have had it Anderson, Sonnen, Belfort Munoz I think based on rankings, youre right.

This is fightmetrics take, I dont agree 100 percent in stat based rankings but they are the king of attempting it.

fightmetric rankings for middleweight
9/26/12 3:12:09PM

Posted by jae_1833

I can't put Sonnen in there as he has moved to LHW.

If you can't put Sonnen on there because he moved to LHW then you can't put Vitor on there either. The only difference is Sonnen hasn't fought at LHW yet and Belfort has. If you go to the official UFC site they have Sonnen and Belfort at LHW. That would almost be like not having Frankie ranked high up on the LW division, which he still is. Even though he's made it official that he will be at Featherweight. But then you can't have Frankie ranked at the top of the Featherweight division because he hasn't fought there yet.

The reason I have Weidman ranked so high (#2) is because of the run he's been on. He's undefeated as a pro and 5-0 in the UFC. A couple of his fights where against lesser competition. But I think everyone can agree that his competition is getting stiffer with each and he's looking better with each fight. Also his last fight with Mark Munoz, who I believe was ranked #3 at the time, was more than impressive. 2nd round KO that Munoz didn't even land a punch or a takedown. IF you remember correctly Munoz would have been granted the title shot with a win over Weidman. Also Weidman has been very active with 5 fights in 1 1/2 years and another one coming up against Tim Boetsch where Weidman has opened up as a huge favorite ranging from -375 to -500.
9/26/12 10:13:04PM
1. Anderson Silva
2. Chael Sonnen
3. Chris Weidman
4. Vitor Belfort
5. Michael Bisping
6. Tim Boetsch
7. Luke Rockhold
8. Yushin Okami
9. Mark Munoz
10. Brian Stann

Honorable Mention
Alan Belcher
Jake Shields
Hector Lombard
9/26/12 10:13:28PM

Posted by kingsmasher

For all my haters I bet real money on Chael and for sure thought I was gonna lose...Love the judges cards but it was wrong do some research and see what the pros thought..

Remember everyone hates Bisping...Unbiased eyes will tell you who really won...

I'm a Bisping fan and Sonnen beat him
9/29/12 12:32:17PM
UFC website either temporarily added Belfort to LHW as he stepped up to save a card or it's simply wrong. Belforts last couple of years are at MW and his next few will continue there. Sonnen by his own statement has officially moved to LHW but hasnt fought there, so unfortunately for me I have him ranked no where. He has to establish himself first, other wise I would have him as my #2 MW as well. Just how I do things, my rankings you know. Now, if he does well in LHW and gets into my top ten, then he will also be on my P4P list as it is about half and half with Champs vs guys who fight in multiple weight classes. Personally I love the dude and hope he does really good at LHW.
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