Michihiro Omigawa among four fighters released by UFC

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10/4/12 7:18:53AM
Not long after releasing Charlie Brenneman, the UFC gave four other fighters their walking papers as well.

The UFC's roster of fighters is constantly fluctuating, and every fighter that loses a couple of fights in a row (or more) is in danger of being released. Not long after the release of welterweight Charlie Brenneman, the company has sent four other fighters packing as well. MMA Opinion has the news:

As well as the earlier news of the UFC cutting Charlie Brenneman - The UFC have also cut:

Eiji Mitsuoka, Michihiro Omigawa, Tommy Hayden, & Walel Watson

10/4/12 9:34:21AM
I agree with these for the most part.

Watson- Lost 3 straight against less than top notch opponent's considering the Bantamweight division is shallow.

Omigawa-13-12 overall record with 4 out of 5 losses. All 5 where Decisions. But he did save Manny Gamburyan his walking papers.

Mitsuoka-0-2 in the UFC with both losses coming by TKO/KO.

Brenneman-He's the only one that is debatable IMO. But can't argue too much. Some will say the Noke stoppage was a little early. He's loss 3 of 4 and has been considered a boring fighter. He does have some decent wins against against Story and HIgh but when wins you can be sure it'll be by Decison.
10/4/12 4:24:00PM
im good with all of these fighters taking a walk. none of them were any kind of exciting IMO. the only excitement i got out of watching charlie fight was when he beat rick story when everybody thought he would lose, and even that fight was boring.
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