Michael McDonald - where is he?

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1/14/15 2:36:30PM
I was wondering. Havn't seen Michael 'Mayday' McDonald fight since Dec 2013 when he lost to Faber. Full year out? Nothing about a fight in the future. He is a name in the 135 division. Does anyone know anything about where he's at? Is he injured?
1/14/15 2:45:48PM
He's been out too long. He had hand surgery which can be a significant setback but still, it's about time for him to return hopefully soon.

I really like McDonald, I've had a chance to see many of his fights in person, he has been a real wrecking ball despite being so young. His talent matches his character which is very refreshing these days in MMA.
1/14/15 3:10:11PM

That was a month ago so I wouldn't be surprised to hear a fight announced for him sometime before the end of February.
1/14/15 7:49:16PM
Hand surgery.

He needs to jump back in.

Would love to see him face mitzegaki or caraway when he gets back
1/14/15 11:09:02PM
Nick Newell wouldn't wait, he'd take a fight one-handed.
1/15/15 12:38:49AM
Mayday has had 3 hand surgeries and just opened a new gym in Modesto.

He will return soon