Michael Crichton dies at age 66

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11/5/08 6:48:55PM

I was bummed to hear this news. Over the years I've read a lot of Crichton's books. He's one of the best science fiction suspense writers I've ever read. The Lost World was absolutely amazing... beyond amazing.... it's too bad we won't be seeing any more books from this great writer.

11/5/08 6:56:29PM
Very sad indeed. I was quite a fan of his books at one time, especially Jurassic Park, Sphere, and Timeline.
11/5/08 7:43:24PM
His Jurassic Park is the only book I have ever read, Im not much of a reader so thats a huge compliment! RIP
11/5/08 7:46:24PM
Rising Sun
11/5/08 10:15:00PM

Posted by Rush

Rising Sun

Another huge favorite of mine. The movie wasn't too terrible, either. For having Wesley Snipes in it anyway.

Verily, Eaters of the Dead (Which was later turned into the movie 13th warrior) was also quite entertaining.

Props to anyone who gets the "Verily" joke
11/6/08 7:27:45AM
He was a personal heroe of mine.I loved to hear him talk about Global Warming and what inspired him to write his books.I'm still in shock.
11/6/08 2:41:19PM
Congo FTW!
11/6/08 4:27:05PM
RIP to a wonderful author
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