Michael Bisping Talks Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Coaching TUF 14

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6/3/11 11:46:28PM
Michael Bisping thinks he can keep his cool around Jason "Mayhem" Miller. Seriously. At least, that's what he told Gareth Davies of The Daily Telegraph today in a wide-ranging interview. Besides talking about the coaching gig, he discussed how much he loves fighting in the UK, how much he hates downtime, and UFC 130. Bisping comes off a lot better here than he does in a lot of interviews, choosing to not demean or insult anyone and actually make light of the heat he seems to get from North American fans.

On the TUF 14 coaching job:

"I feel very privileged to get a second term as a TUF coach. It shows the UFC holds me in high regard. It’s great to be seen as a fighter and a personality within the sport. The only downside is that it puts me out of action until December, but it’s not like I’m going hungry," said the British fighter, who leaves the UK for Las Vegas this weekend to start filming on Monday.

"All in all, it’s a fantastic situation I’m in."

6/4/11 7:15:43AM
I'm excited about this, if Mayhem sells himself enough on the show and acts like himself 100% of the time, we could see the fight happen on the show haha.
6/4/11 10:03:44AM
I personally think Bisping is going to smash Mayhem but I think this fight will be very entertaining!!!!
6/4/11 11:09:46AM
bisping will cry.
real tears.

Miller better wear a raincoat, for the tears and spit.
6/4/11 3:51:41PM
i hope Miller pester's the crap out of Bisping and drives him crazy. Then stomps him in thier fight.
6/4/11 4:46:26PM
Mayhem wins better coach, better personality and their fight.
6/4/11 11:40:55PM
THe ONLY thing that can make this a good season is if Miller KOs Bisping... Bisping has proven he is a bad coach, so bad as he fails to show up for his own fighters fights. The other thing he will do is talk crap but then throw a temper tantrum is anyone talks crap to him.
6/5/11 4:41:28AM

make light of the heat he seems to get from North American fans.

Now there's an understatement.
6/5/11 6:48:12AM
Bisping thought Jorge Rivera drove him crazy well he's in for an intresting 6 weeks with Mayhem.
6/5/11 3:49:39PM
I feel this was a bad choice for Bisping..!! He will only get a lot of heat from the haters and ultimately create more negative headlines for himself..

It is well known he does whatever the UFC ask of him like Franklin and Bonner etc do, I think he should focus more on himself and finding more relevent opponents a bit more..!
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