Michael Bisping: Dan Henderson Did What I Would Have Done at UFC 100

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7/21/09 4:42:46PM
Dan Henderson has been criticized in some quarters for punching an unconscious Michael Bisping at the end of their fight at UFC 100, and then saying he landed the punch just to shut Bisping up. But Bisping says if he'd had the opportunity, he would have done the exact same thing to Henderson.

7/21/09 4:49:56PM
Wow.... That punch really got to Bisbings head... LOL

Good to see him not talking so much crap. Hope he has a good return.
7/21/09 4:56:45PM
good now that is laid to rest
7/21/09 6:48:06PM
kudos to bisping for being honest, hopefully this whole incident dies down now.
7/21/09 6:48:50PM
Good to hear.

Here's hoping his next fight turns out exactly the same way.
7/21/09 7:16:51PM
I have actually gained some respect for Bisping after this fight......He has been gracious in defeat and isn't bad mouthing Hendo for that second big shot after he was KO'ed......I think any fighter would have done the same thing.....You go until the ref stops it......Case and point would be when Herring rocked Nog with that head kick, a guy can recover at any time.....
7/21/09 7:27:29PM
Props to Bisping for this.

He's not crying, he's not whining, and he admitted that if he was in this position, he would do the same thing. I like that. I too feel sorry for who has to fight him next...

Maybe the loser of Maia/Nate or Alan Belcher is a good fight? Yushin Okami? Patrick Cote?
7/21/09 7:27:39PM
Like I've been saying since the beginning- both guys knew what was on the line and were both ready to accept what could happen after the gloves touched.
7/21/09 7:34:48PM
Some of the few props I'll ever give to Bisping, but props for honesty and not complaining.
7/22/09 7:36:27AM
Im not a big fan of Bisping but I think a lot of people took the whole TUF thing too personal. He said before and during the show he wanted to be the bad guy, he had to stir up some controversy because nobody was interested in the fight. He got KO'd and did what any other self respecting fighter would do..admit he got beaten bad and say he's gonna comeback. Pretty standard stuff really.
7/22/09 6:08:56PM
Glad to see Bisping is not crying and taking it like a man. Wish I could say the same for his fans.
7/22/09 8:56:21PM
The unfortunate thing about this is that fighters hit guys when the know they are out all the time... Henderson just admitted that he knew, which never really comes up when guys discuss the after fight..

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