Michael Bisping Considering Eventual Return to Light Heavyweight

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9/3/12 5:55:39PM
Michael “The Count” Bisping is scheduled to face Brian Stann at UFC 152 in Toronto in hopes of moving into a contender slot in the middleweight division, but the Brit isn’t ruling out an eventual return to the light heavyweight division.

“I think about it every time I want to eat pizza and can’t,” Bisping said recently during an online chat hosted by MMAWeekly.com content partner Yahoo! Sports.

Bisping had a successful run in the 205-pound division, including winning The Ultimate Fighter 3. He’s competed most of his career as a light heavyweight, but after losing to Rashad Evans at UFC 78, he decided to make the drop to middleweight.

The outspoken Englishman feels middleweight is where he should be at this point in his career, but the thoughts of a 205-pound return remain.

“But seriously, I do think about it. I was 15-1 at 205 pounds, but 185 pounds is where I should be right now.”

9/3/12 7:00:27PM
I think it's better he stays at middleweight for right now, we'll see after the Stann fight I guess.
9/3/12 7:05:07PM
too many big beasts at lhw now....
9/3/12 7:18:06PM
save the wight class change for later in his career.
9/3/12 8:10:40PM
9/3/12 9:29:21PM
I wouldn't mind seeing Bisping get wrecked by Jones
9/4/12 12:10:30AM
If he loses to stann I can see him going back to 205

Him vs machida or Forrest griffin or Ryan bader

He would never get a title shot at 205
9/4/12 12:45:07AM
hey prozac, in the words of one of your heroes... ''never say never''- justin beiber.
9/5/12 12:09:36AM

He would never get a title shot at 205

I agree 100%. He's having a hard enough time getting a title fight at Middleweight.
So you want to move up to LHW, a very stacked top heavy division.

I can name about 10 guys off the top of my head that would more than likely beat Bisping at 205lbs. Just stay at MW.
9/5/12 6:19:32PM
Bisping can stay at MW for another couple fights and then move to LHW if he wants to. He has great TDD to prevent Bader, Davis and Evans (again) from taking him down at will. He has really good technical striking and footwork that can pick apart some fighters. IMO Bisping can easily be a top 10 LHW, but I doubt he'll crack the top 5