Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben UFC 89 fight set for Birmingham

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6/28/08 5:51:56PM

Posted by CornishMMA

Posted by Figsak

Posted by CornishMMA

Posted by Figsak

Bisping UD without a doubt

I have a little doubt as Leben hits HARD! as does Bisping now se he could put Leben away, 1 thing is for sure theres no subs in this one and has WAR written all over it

Now this really is the very 1st striker Bisping has fought in the UFC (Day kinda was but Leben is more of a pure striker) all his other fights were against BJJ guys or wrestlers

Here we will see how he does against a fellow striker who has a good chin and hits hard, will be interested to see what the picks % is on this cos i will like Leben as an underdog

Call me crazy, but I think Leben is overrated as a striker. He may have power in his hands, but his strikes are slow and sloppy. He's the type of striker that IF you fight smart, and stay mobile, you can totally avoid his power.

I DO think he's very very tough. As I said in a previous post, he's the kind of fighter that can take an ass whoopin, and fight while half unconscious. It takes a fighter with stamina, heart, and smart striking, not pocket brawling to beat him. I think Bisping is that type of fighter.

I do think we're about to find out what kind of chin Bisping has though.

No dude you arent crazy, but I dont think Leben is that rated as a striker, i think everyone agrees his strikes are somewhat sloppy/sild but they are very effective cos look at all the guys he has stopped, Sakara is the closest example to Bisping and we him get KTFO so i can see the same happening again, or i can see Leben just getting popped for 3 rounds, its true a smart fighter using lots of movement can outwork Leben, its what Kalib did to some extent, if Starnes can do it then Bisping can!

I was thinking the same thing, but Sakara is only superficially like Bisping. Sakara has a lot less power in his punches, his chin is not nearly as good and he gets impatient sometimes and doesn't stick and move as much as he should. Even though Bisping is better in all those areas i stand by my picking Leben.
6/28/08 7:49:26PM
double ko 5 seconds of the first round so i dont have to look these 2 dueche bags any longer than i have to
6/28/08 9:41:49PM
I agree with half of that, or I would have a year ago. I always wondered how Leben got into the UFC. He's a sloppy street brawler who isn't very good at much of ANYTHING but throwing sloppy bombs. Then he started winning...

Bisping I think is more of a rounded fighter though. I think he's just a well rounded smart fighter who'll be around for awhile.
8/31/08 2:11:06PM
I think leben 2nd, KO
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