Michael Bisping - A Career Just Hitting Its Peak

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1/12/13 11:37:31AM
There was a time when Michael Bisping - who fights Vitor Belfort on January 19th in the main event of UFC on FX 7 in Sao Paulo, Brazil - didn’t know what to do with his life. He’d dropped out of an electrical engineering course and worked a series of blue-collar jobs. But when he committed to MMA in 2003, the working-class kid from Manchester, England found some much needed direction. In 2006 he reflected on his humble beginnings, saying, “You always think you’re going to be great and you’re going to do things, but then I got in my early 20s and I was quite disappointed. And if I was being realistic, my life was going nowhere really. And it was going nowhere fast and I wasn’t getting any younger.”

1/12/13 11:42:10AM
so basically the same scenario as when he was about to fight hendo... dont mind seeing bisping get KOed again
1/12/13 12:16:40PM
I'm a huge Bisping fan ill be rooting for him but Belfort may catch him early and finish him off. If Bisping can survive the early onslaught I say he wins the decision.

I'm on the fence for this fight this will be one of those fights I make a pick for last minute.
1/12/13 12:43:42PM
i think if vitor can catch bisping early, before he can find his groove, then i think vitor will take it. the longer the fight continues the more of a chance bisping has of getting the UD.
1/12/13 4:06:42PM
Its crazy how much peoples opinions of bisping have changed over the years, not just him being overrated but his attitude also. My opinion of him has changed completely and I really hope he does well against vitor!
1/12/13 5:23:50PM
I think we forgave him for spitting and got used to his classic Brash British attitude. He is a very confident guy with a great skillset who speaks his mind, it's just sometimes he says things harshly or in a way that comes off prickish. Sonnen is worse and most of us love him too. Tito was the original.
1/13/13 5:16:04PM
Yup. Just hit his peak.

Its all down hill from here. Starting with Vitor.
1/14/13 1:57:57AM
i have never liked bisping..but always respected his fighting style and ability to push the pace. I actually hope he does well against belfort.