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POLL: Should the NCAA
Ban Miami. 42% (8)
put very tough sanctions on Miami. 26% (5)
put very little sanctions on Miami. 5% (1)
Do nothing at all. 26% (5)
8/20/11 7:20:23PM
The investigation is still on going. But what do you think the NCAA should do and what is your take on it.
8/20/11 7:25:44PM
Do nothing at all.
8/20/11 11:25:09PM
had they just given players money, i wouldnt care so much. the moral issue of offering strip club parties to teenagers & funding abortions is a bit much. shutting the program down hurts, but crippling one & forcing them to play the games is pretty mean too. they're gonna be awful for a while now
8/21/11 3:02:08AM
Widely known it is my most hated college program so I go with the ban. I thought my opinion may have been biased until I read through the violations. Shut down the program completely for a year. Time to start making Universities scared of committing infractions.
8/21/11 4:56:53PM
I don't follow the college FB scene, except for Mizzou.

But banning them seemed like a solid option.
8/21/11 6:04:49PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Do nothing at all.

you on the payroll chael?
8/21/11 6:50:45PM
There's only one option here; the Death Penalty. The NCAA HAS to take a stand here and this is the most egregious set of violations since the SMU Pony Excess. Out of the entire 72 page report that the NCAA compiled on USC, only one player was listed; Reggie Bush.

My Trojans received a loss of 30 scholarships, 4 years probation, and a 2 year bowl ban. That doesn't even come close to what took place at the U. Nevin Shapiro was basically a runner, agent, and horrible human being all rolled into one.

This is the exact definition of Lack of Institutional Control. Much like Ohio St., these violations spread out over several years. Even worse for Miami is that it's come to light that they were aware that this story was going to come out prior to the hiring of Al Golden and they disclosed nothing to him. I highly doubt Golden would have taken the job if he'd have known that this was going to come down around him.

Miami also falls under the category of "willful violators" because they were hit once before and, I believe, still on probation for their previous crimes.

If you don’t believe that fans and administrators of Memphis and USC have a watchful eye on what the NCAA will eventually do with Miami, you’re naive and lost in the woods. The NCAA has to levy some of the harshest penalties ever given out to Miami in the wake of this. The Memphis violation involved only one player; USC’s involved 3 (including 1 women’s tennis player). The Miami scandal involves at least 72, and uncountable numbers of recruits.

That’s a staggering number, even if it is over the course of eight years. Not only that, but for a period of time, the Miami program was still under probation for things that happened back in the 90s. That would make them a repeat offender in the eyes of the NCAA. If ever the NCAA’s hands were tied, it has to be now.

Worse in all this is that Paul Dee, who was the Athletic Director for Miami during all of this, encouraged the NCAA to use "the force of God" on USC and Memphis when the NCAA investigated the Tiger basketball program and the Trojan football program.

Where's Paul Dee now? This all happened under his watch and he insisted that the NCAA levy the harshest punishments available to the Tigers and Trojans.

“Strict liability” is what Paul Dee called it when ruling over other athletics’ programs. “Strict liability” is what Miami should be held to. NCAA, if you have any clout whatsoever in really trying to clean up the college athletics’ mess as Mark Emmert (NCAA president) put it, now is the time.

Emmert and the NCAA have no choice but to make Paul Dee and his (former) program suffer the same "strict liability" and "force of God" that they doled out to the Trojans and Tigers. I can only hope that Emmert removes his mouth from Delany and Gee's testicles and hands the same punishment out to Ohio St. next.
8/22/11 12:23:19AM
Coming Soon 2013:

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8/22/11 8:36:40AM
Meh. Let 'em do whatever they want. Just play ball for crying out loud.
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