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12/1/08 3:45:52PM
This was posted by the guy who runs I don't have a link so I didn't want to put it in the News Section yet:

Although I think some of the MFS arrogance from a few years ago might played a part, I really feel bad for Pat if this is true.

Four separate news reporters have now confirmed that the once legendary Miletich Fighting Systems (MFS) Gym and Martial Arts Training Center, of Bettendorf, Iowa, is now up for sale. In addition, we have received confirmation from numerous "friends" of Pat Miletich that this information is accurate. The most recent reports indicate that an investor group headed by MMA Mega-Agent, Monte Cox, had initially expressed interest in buying the troubled MFS Operations. However, after recently visiting the Gym and witnessing the extremely low turnout of members, the investors pulled their interests in purchasing the company.

This development closely follows yet another setback in the continuing MFS decline over the last 2 years. Pro MMA Fighters Jens Pulver and Spencer Fisher were among the latest Camp Members to leave MFS, following a virtual endless parade of departures, including most notably MMA superstars Matt Hughes, Robbie Lawler, and Jeremy Horn. Pulver and Fisher were recently quoted in interviews, saying that they were not learning anything at MFS.

It's hard to imagine how MFS could have arrived in such dire straits in such a short amount of time. It was just a few years ago that MFS had 3 of the 5 weight class MMA World Champions in the gym at the same time. Of all the past celebrity fighters once training there, the only one left is the nearly retired Tim Sylvia. The "lack of learning" referenced by Pulver and Fisher does not seem to be enough to explain how this camp went from a 30-40 member class size during a prime time weeknight training session, to the current numbers of less than 10 members turning out for class, in just 2 years.

On a seemingly separate but obviously related news story, Pat Miletich is resuming his fighting career at age 42, by taking on Thomas Denny on the Dec. 11, 2008 Adrenaline 2 Fight Promotions Card. Why would a man at his age, with serious Cervical Vertebrae damage, and with less than 3 minutes of Cage Time over the last 7 years, submit himself to the risks of this intense sport ..... let alone, put his wife and 2 kids in a situation where they could potentially be facing a disabled husband and father. Separate investigative reports have now confirmed that Pat Miletich is severely delinquent on his house payments and is facing foreclosure on his new home which is less than 2 years old. With his gym business all but gone, with his new home about to be lost, with his once generous International Fight League salary and equity gone, with the loss of 75% of his MFS Affiliate Schools and related revenue, Pat Miletich is a man in a desperate situation. At his age with no work experience outside of fighting, and with no formal education significantly related to corporate America's needs, he would be hard pressed to find decent employment outside the Cage. To make matters worse, Pat Miletich in the last year has reportedly lost over $150,000 on legal fees and related litigation costs on a lawsuit where his attorneys either failed to do their front end due diligence research, or simply decided to take Miletich to the cleaners. It is upon his dire financial foundation, unofficially, that Adrenaline Fight Promotions Chief, Monte Cox, has agreed to bail out Pat Miletich from foreclosure on his new home in exchange for him fighting for the Adrenaline Fight Promotion. The question for the fans attending this show will be is Pat Miletich really going to fight and be able to put up a fight worth paying to see, or, is he just going to show up to get his paycheck?

With regard to the question we posed earlier in this report, in trying to explain the causes of this rapid crash and burning of the once respected MFS Camp, we believe there has to be lot more involved than just "lack of learning" in the gym. Just a few years ago nearly a day went by without the MFS Camp being referenced in a major MMA news story. Now, we rarely see any news stories about MFS, and the ones we see are mostly related to the fighters that have left MFS.

12/1/08 3:52:43PM
im still holding out hope that this isnt true, but whenever multiple sources start running with a story it gets more and more likely that this is for real. damn shame really, it doesnt seem that long ago that they were on top of the mma world.
12/1/08 4:44:57PM
that sucks about his private life if its true,....that being said....there are so many gyms and specialized training with the sport, that you have to keep up with the times and evolve with the sport.....maybe they weren't evolving and thats why fighters left....i havent seen theyre fighters themselves evolve in the recent years, and that could be a direct reflection of the gym......also, with the main stars leaving, that could be just them wanting theyre own gyms and l theyre own lifes....seems like everybody and theyre moms are opening gyms if theye had one pro fight too.....kinda like the baseball card boom in the late 80s early 90s were card shops were on every ya can hardly find one...i forsee that happing with mma eventually
12/1/08 4:52:12PM
It had been posted in News before but because it seemed to be less news and more propaganda and the like I moved it to The Padded Room. The original link/document/whatever in the original thread already has been taken down by the original TS. He posted it here too but since the link and everything was removed I nuked it.
12/2/08 12:05:19AM
One thing that caught my eye was "the nearly retired Sylvia"? The guy is like 32 or something. I'm no fan and he's lost 3 of his last 4 (all Champs) but I don't see how he could retire.

I think a lot of this has to do with location. Up-and-comers were willing to go to Iowa because he had a lot of top guys and was producing champions. Not anymore. I would bet if he was in Chicago or something he would still be doing OK with normal off-the-street guys.
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