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5/11/08 10:57:49AM
Friday night was a good night of fights at MFC 16. This is Chris Camozzi Vs Dwayne Lewis.

Camozzi's agent just sent me fresh pics from Friday night's fights.
I'll keep the pics coming as agents send them to me. We get great pics from all of our fighters events that will always share with you guys. Enjoy.

5/11/08 11:18:30AM
Great pics man! Its good to see your company is sponsoring the up an coming fighters too!
5/11/08 1:23:45PM
like always, GREAT pics!
keep up the good work
5/11/08 4:27:47PM
Thank you very much guys. I'll keep them coming. The agents are usually pretty good about getting us the pics a couple days after an event. I'll have some good ones from the IFL event coming up May 16th. Thanks again guys.
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