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6/9/11 4:10:56AM
Good interview with Brian Cobb who seems like a really nice guy..!! (fighting this friday 10th june against Drew Ficket)

AMMA: Now I know you may think we’re all about MMA, but let’s get to what’s really important – education! For Addicts who don’t know, you’re a school teacher. How long have you been a teacher and what grades do you teach?

BC: Starting Monday, actually, will be my fourth season teaching summer school, and this last school year was my first full school year teaching. I teach high school math. It’s fun. I enjoy it. I’m finishing up my masters in math and my teaching credential right now.

AMMA: Not a lot of discipline problems in your class I’m guessing…

BC: Usually not. Usually not.

AMMA: Do your students know you’re a pro fighter?

BC: Yeah, I usually try to avoid talking about it or bringing it up, but another teacher will almost always let one student know, and then it just spreads like wild fire. It was hard to keep under wraps after the first month or so.

Brian Cobb Interview
6/9/11 2:42:35PM
I'll be DVRing this for sure. Gonna have a bunch of mma to watch when I get home
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