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5/16/09 3:21:01AM
Dont know the full results but apparantly lashley won in like 24 seconds, and they announced the signing of Jason Mcdonald.
5/16/09 9:18:11AM
The full results are below, but it was 24 seconds for Lashley. Guillotine.

Marvin Eastman beat Aron Lofton by TKO (strikes) at 59 seconds of round 2.

Ryan Jimmo beat Mychal Clark by unanimous decision, 3 30-27s.

John Alessio beat Andrew Buckland by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:53 of round 1.

Travis Galbraith beat David "Not Gangrel" Heath by split decision, 29-28 Galbraith, 29-28 Heath, 29-28 Galbraith.

Bobby Lashley beat Mike Cook by submission (guillotine) in 24 seconds. Guillotine right away and that was it. Lashley next faces Bob Sapp next month (actually in July, not next month). Cook came out in what was said to be a Rey Mysterio mask (it was a Lucha mask).

Trevor Prangley beat MFC Light Heavyweight Champion Emanuel Newton by unanimous decision, 2 49-46s and 1 48-46, to win the title.

MacDonald first fights for them in September.
5/16/09 9:29:28AM
Yeah the mask pissed Lashley off! He came out conneted with one punch and put the dude to sleep. David Heath got the shaft IMO I had it 30-27 but leave it in the hads of a judge and anything can happen.
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