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2/8/07 2:06:11AM
I remember at UFC 38 in London, Matt Hughes second title defense against Carlos Newton, Hughes had to do two weigh-ins because the sanctioning body in the UK uses the metric system. So a WW fighter has to weigh in at 77 kg or roughly 169 lbs. 10 oz. I wonder if there will be similar happenings at UFC 70.
2/8/07 6:03:48PM
It's a good possibility. For those that are unaware of the conversion, you divide the number of pounds by 2.2 to get kilos (roughly).

155 lbs = 70 kg
170 lbs = 77 kg
185 lbs = 84 kg
205 lbs = 93 kg

2/8/07 10:27:17PM
the conversion from kg to pounds is 1kg x 2.2046........i knew my useless knowledge would come in handy somewhere......

77kg = 169.75
2/9/07 3:11:43PM
Not a real big difference. A quarter pound. But will the sanctioning body allow on kilo either way? Or something like 500 grams?
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