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2/15/13 11:29:54AM
A huge meteorite flared through the skies over Russia's Chelyabinsk region early Friday, triggering a powerful shock wave that injured nearly a thousand people, blew out windows and reportedly caused the roof of a factory to collapse.
Multiple amateur videos posted online showed the meteor’s flaring arc – called a bolide by scientists – cross the western Siberia sky. Others from the scene included the sound of a loud boom, followed by a cacophony of car alarms. One video showed the hurried evacuation of an office building in Chelyabinsk.



If I read correctly, no fatalities and most of the injuries are minor but this is pretty interesting.
2/15/13 12:05:19PM
Siberia death zone for rocks falling from the sky
2/15/13 12:10:23PM
not the news i was expecting to see when i woke up this morning.

i found it funny that everyone on the interwebs was saying "I THOUGHT THEY SAID THE ASTEROID WAS GOING TO MISS US!!!!"

they obviously dont know that 2012 DA14 is scheduled to miss us at 225 ET

fyi.....i didnt know either. following Neil DeGrasse Tyson on twitter makes me a little smarter at least once each day
2/15/13 2:14:35PM
There's a lot of vids on youtube of this. Apparently a lot of Russians have dash-cams on their cars. Looked pretty scary.

Does anyone know if they had any warning about it ahead of time or was this just a random unexpected meteor? Do we even get warnings about meteors or only about big asteroids and other extreme impending space-junk collisions?
2/15/13 2:19:46PM
Pretty sweet. Something out of a Michael bay movie
2/15/13 3:54:09PM
Russia is a crazy fuckin place. i know the meteor could have done that anywhere because meteors dont give a shit, but it had to be Russia. it also helps that Russia fucking huge too. pretty awesome though.
2/17/13 3:42:39PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

Pretty sweet. Something out of a Michael bay movie

A paradox.
2/18/13 9:20:07AM
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