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6/13/08 2:09:14PM
Who's got it, who is loving it, and who thinks it is going to come to the 360? I'm enjoying this game too much. The online game is unlawfully good. Thought opinions? Also i don't own a PS3 but i brorrowed my buddy's under the condition that he keeps the game when i finish it, though if i didn't have this sweet set up this game is deffinitly worth picking up a PS3 if you are a fan of the series to begin with. I can't rate the game as i have not yet finished it but its as close to a ten as i've ever been.
6/13/08 6:03:51PM
I haven't played it yet, but the original Metal Gear Solid was awesome for Play Station.
6/13/08 7:15:33PM
Ive been playing MGS since ps one. it's by far my favorite action/adventure game series. I just can't wait to get my hands on this man. like snakeater was the bomb, this is just gonna be ridiculous. now i must never talk about it again, until i get it.
6/13/08 10:28:28PM
I have played the MG series for years.I don't have a PS3,so I ended up reading the spoilers.
6/13/08 11:23:19PM
Yes, the metal gear solid series are the some of the best games out there. This just gives me another reason to go buy a PS3. I'm planning on getting one soon, although i just read that they're doing a price cut on the 360 at the next E3, but its just a rumor...but it could happen. Anyways, MGS are the best games out there.
6/14/08 3:56:15PM
I've gotten a little deeper into the story, i was a huge fan of snake eater, fomerly my favorite as this one has taken that spot... even on a regular deff tv it still looks amazing and after getting the hang of the new control scheme it feel better and more natural than any mgs before it. I emphatically recommend the game. Kojima says he wrapped everything up in this one, i can't wait to finish it and find out. Also the MGO (metal gear online) was such a pain in the ass to set up but well worth it as it is just hours of fun. A lot better than what was tried with subsistence.
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