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2/6/07 3:07:20AM
I was reading on some post todays and someone mentioned about how some fighters loose their mental edge after a beating and now some fighters bounce back and become better then ever and I thought this would be a good discussion. Why do some fighters loose thier mental edge, examples; Mir and Ricco? And why do some fighters come back stronger then ever, examples: Hughes and Sylvia (I know many don't like him, but he has come back from alot of diversity). What does it take for a fighter to keep the mental edge?
2/6/07 3:19:52AM
Without trying to sound cliche, I think thats actually what separates a warrior and a fighter.

A warrior will take anything, a lose, a win, a bad performace, etc, and use it to drive him to do better. GSP is probably the best example of this in recent times, as he took the loss from Hughes and used it to catapult himself through tough oppoenents, and take the belt.

A fighter might just like to fight, might like money, or might have any number of reasons to get into a ring. Not nesseccarily a bad thing, but when you have no higher ideal or reason to fight other than a paycheck, you tend to get derailed and/or lack the drive to do better. Tank is probably the best example of this. Hes been about the same fighter since UFC 6. He comes in, wins or loses, and goes home. Its like a job to him.
2/6/07 4:27:25AM
As for Ricco, I think he just got discouraged and out of shape. If he's ever back in shape I think he's easily one of the top 10 best HVYweights in the world IMO. As for the mental game there is an old saying" everybody has a plan till they get hit". Not just literally but figuratively also. I used to play football with guys who were great till they got heiir bell rung or were injured. If it's important enough to you it will be overcome. Some people just don't deal with adversity well. It's also cliche but the saying " It's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many you get up" is one of the truest things ever said.
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