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6/24/08 6:59:11AM
The most annoying thing about public bathrooms is the people who don't wash their hands. Granted in some bars its accepted as pissing on them might actually be cleaner but, theirs always some chump who doesn't wash their hands an then you have to open the door after them!
Its not cool! I'v very seriously nearly beat the sh*t out of some guy for it.

Also has anyone ever been sober on a night out and realized just how funny drunk people trying to pee is?!
They piss everywhere and no one seams to mind! God bless drunks!
6/24/08 9:21:47AM
Thank god my washroom at work has 1 urinal and 1 stall.

Although it's still sometimes awkward when I'm brewing the chili and the stall is occupied and I have to poop in the urinal.
6/24/08 1:37:49PM
i def would have finished pissing and then walk behind him a knee him in the ass RHINO.
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