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5/28/07 8:54:29PM
Hope you're enjoying it folks.

Its a special day for myself and I'm making a night of it. Just me, some cider, some songs and some ghosts. Should be a good time. Whats everyone else up to?
5/28/07 9:09:13PM
Just kickin' back and rewatchin' UFC 71 on my DVR. Enjoying having the day off.
5/29/07 12:04:42AM
Working, of course!
5/29/07 12:10:23AM
liking my wounds after losing at a judo comp...
5/29/07 1:37:00PM
I went tubing, first time and I must say I was scared as shit when I first started, but it turned out to be really fun.
5/29/07 3:07:47PM
Tubing behind a boat or tubing down a white water rapid?
5/29/07 5:17:58PM
Had a big party on Sunday night, but it just didn't seem right...

Friend of mine died on Friday... Drinking, 140mph in a little subaru WRX, through a dead end, over 3 lanes of a highway and into a median. Yikes.

Killed him and his passenger...

RIP Douglas Bradford
5/29/07 5:51:20PM

Posted by Svartorm

Tubing behind a boat or tubing down a white water rapid?

5/30/07 5:07:57AM
Sweet. I've done that, but never the white water kind of tubing. Its a good time on the lake, but I always get brutally sunburnt.
5/30/07 10:35:50AM
chillin.....not a lot to do today.
5/31/07 7:56:51AM
I was chillin, thinking about how I will never go back to that god forsaken hunk of oil filled desert!
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