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5/27/11 2:50:07PM
I won't be around on Monday, so Happy Memorial Day...and let's all take a moment to remember what the day is for, honoring and remembering those that have died in service to our country.

I don't personally have any relatives that have died. Anyone have any rememberances / stories they'd like to share of good friends/relatives they'd like to honor?
5/27/11 3:57:04PM
Every year I always forget to go and get my free meals at participating restaurants. Let's see if I remember this time.
5/28/11 3:37:18AM
OOH RAH!! and SEMPER FI !!!! to all my fellow marines out there
5/30/11 11:48:51AM
I would like to remember both of my Grandfathers, Paul and Mike. Both were WWII veterans. They didn't die in the war, in fact, Grandpa Paul lived til his late 70's and Grandpa Mike lived until his early 80's. I always admired their generation. Growing up through the depression, then when you are a man, the entire world is at war? You either "build character" or die!

My friend Tyler died in Iraq. I miss him a lot. I see his brother every now and then, and I just can't help but feel the impact that Iraq and Afghanistan has had here at home. So many kids come back with the PTSD, and TBE, and I know a lot of them. Out of all the people I knew and grew up with who went to war, none of them have come back the same.

I know memorial day is supposed to honor the dead who have served our country, but we can honor the living too. They are still here dealing with their experiences, and they could use a genuine thank you and a hug.

:::hugs tcunningham::::
6/1/11 4:55:01PM
Tried to prop you pmoney...gotta spread the love.
6/2/11 12:26:00AM

Posted by scoozna

Tried to prop you pmoney...gotta spread the love.

You're a man of integrity Scoozna!
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