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12/19/09 1:06:22AM
What was one of the most memorable, shocking or outragous moments in this year of mma:

Personally one of my favourite fights ever was early in the year when GSP dismantled BJ Penn in an awesome fight, props to BJ hes a great fighter, just not that great.
12/19/09 3:03:24AM
The Machida - Evans fight.
Hands Down.
Best for shock, all round skill level.
Bonnar - Jones
Pure damn entertainment
12/19/09 5:31:40AM
I went through the 2009 UFC cards and found loads of stuff that jumped out at me that would qualify for the best shocking moments. Ill set up a sereis of votes and see what the playground as a whole found vote for as the best moments in the UFC in 2009. Ill set them up in the UFC forum.
12/19/09 8:12:59AM
For most outrageous I'd have to say Hendo's finish of Bisping at 100, namely the "parting shot" before the stoppage.
12/19/09 2:04:57PM
Probably Jose Conseco (spell check) taking on Hong Man Choi.
That was shocking.

Also Hendo Vs Bisping.

Brock trashing Bud light,smack talking a broken Frank Mir, praising Coors,and all that before talking about laying the pipe to his wife.

Fedors KO of AA.

Coleman beating Bonnar.

Wandy getting the KO over Jardine.

Andersons destruction of Forrest.
12/19/09 2:11:48PM
Henderson smashing bisbing. i could watch that everyday and never get tired of it.
I also agree with everybody, y'all named some really good shocking moments. good posts
12/19/09 6:53:36PM
1. Kimbo being on TUF was pretty memorable to me. I was quite intrigued at the time.

2. Diego's cut after fighting BJ. I have a feeling that's going to stick with for a while. I mean, "Beastman's" Vitor induced head c*nt feels like it was just yesterday.

3. Randy and Nog's fight won't soon be forgotten.

4. Fedor signing with Strikeforce, I'll remember that for too long.

5. Personally for me though it would be Greg Jackson saying, in reference to GSP's injured groin, to "Hit him (Thiago Alves) with it!".

The imagery alone made it a memorable moment for me. Humurous, a little disturbing, but definetly memorable.
12/20/09 8:18:58AM
Affliction having to cancel a pay-per-view on short notice surprised me. Affliction shutting down was no surprise, but the method with which it all unfolded was disturbing. Barnett pulling out because of fears surrounding his licensing killed a card that could have turned out to be the best card of the year and destroyed any chance that a Fedor-Barnett fight could happen.

It's impossible to add anything to the "Kimbo on TUF" lore.
12/20/09 3:27:17PM
Gotta add cung Le and Scott smith fight now.

That was epic.
12/20/09 4:06:26PM
12/20/09 4:42:43PM
not to beat a dead horse but the most memorable moment for me was when they read the machida shogun decision. my head almost exploded when they did,
12/20/09 6:45:47PM
Randy-Big Nog's epic, Lil Nog smashing onto the scene destroying Luiz Cane, Anderson completely pretty much raping Forrest Griffin, and freakin Rampage backing out of that huge Rashad fight but made up for it by re-enacting Rashad KO saying Rashad did the stanky leg HAHAHAHAAHAHA hopefully we see Rampage make em do it in 2010!!!
12/22/09 4:47:42PM

Posted by DCRage

For most outrageous I'd have to say Hendo's finish of Bisping at 100, namely the "parting shot" before the stoppage.

Agreed to the fullest.
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