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9/15/07 6:27:39PM
New to this site. Looking for a squad to join.
9/15/07 6:34:41PM
Wrong Forum, but wecome to the playground.
(It should be in the intro forum first) IMO
9/15/07 6:38:10PM
he is new but is looking for a camp to so i think he is right but not 100% sure

welcome to the site and ood luck on a camp
9/15/07 6:42:13PM
I guess it is / could be the right forum.
I appologize and I hope I have not given you a bad first impression of myself and most of all the Playground.
9/15/07 7:04:09PM
I just started an Irish fight camp called The celtic house. It's brand new but I think it will be excellent, check it out if you like.
9/15/07 9:14:24PM
9/16/07 9:15:17PM

Posted by xchickox


what was the . for ?
9/17/07 10:06:57AM
Welcome and I have sent you an invite to Team Underground Forum. Feel free to accept.

Anyone else reading this looking ofr a camp why not consider us?
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