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1/8/10 8:24:37PM
Looking to join a good, active camp. I'm active on the boards for every event and looking to find a camp that I can be a real asset to. I've finished in the top 10 overall in betting before and finish consistently in the top 5-10% of members in points. Drop me a private message.
1/8/10 9:13:04PM
Sabotage inc. is looking for new members, we've got awesome camp discussion boards and a team thats full of seriously knowledgeable guys.
Drop Emfleek or DCrage a pm for a invite.

Here's their profiles.

1/8/10 10:45:54PM
Good luck with the new camp. If anyone wants to know, Mr. wax would be an asset to any camp.
1/9/10 2:47:14PM
ey..jrwax come join some of your former Bullies over here at Sabotage..there's bout 4 of us from PGB...
1/10/10 12:45:53AM
This topic is for the recruitment of the thread starter and not a team smack talk thread.

Please confine your comments to helping jrwax2 finding a new team.
1/10/10 4:35:26PM
yo bro. Sabotage Inc. is definitely the place for you

We have an already awesome team.that will be even MORE awesome when you join.

hit Emfleek or DCRage up for an invite

hope to see you soon on our message boards
1/12/10 1:37:27AM
I have sent you a PM.
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