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POLL: Who wins?
Manhoef 21% (11)
A. Silva 79% (42)
6/27/08 9:15:16PM

Posted by NatedawgThaM

So, he's fought 12-13 times since. Counting years don't mean crap if you've fought a lot during them. Maybe if he's fought 2-3 times each year and has had 6-7 fights since you might have a case. But he's fought over ten times not even counting his K-1 bouts. He also was training with ATT for awhile, not sure if he still is.

But that's still not the point. It does not take several years to improve especially when your active gaining some quality experience. Two years ago Anderson lost by DQ to Okami. So I guess that means I can't trust Anderson's understanding of the rules. I guess melvin will win by DQ.

Haha. good way to put it.

I got Manhoef by brutalization. He's not an average striker which Silva is really good at picking apart. He's an elite-level kickboxer. Anderson has no chance on the feet.

I wouldn't be surprised if Anderson pulled some crazy sub out of nowhere. But he's overrated like crazy. He hasn't fought a top of the food chain fighter besides Hendo, who dominated him the first round (not the sign of a top p4p fighter, he got the win, but looked like crap in the first round).
6/28/08 12:52:40AM
I think Silva's reach and technical skills/accuracy would be too much for Melvin. Manhoef is a beast, but Silva is too technical a striker with a big reach.
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