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6/30/08 10:23:40AM

“Right now it’s tough. You got guys like Spencer Fisher, Frankie Edgar, I can name so many. You even got Rich in there. It gets tougher and you just got to train harder, but right now I’m going to give it a shot and try to become UFC champion. But for future reference, if that doesn’t work and I don’t feel that I’m going to be a champion in the UFC then switch me over to the WEC because its about being a champion and I want to go somewhere where I can be a champion right now. I’m not going to be naive and a hypocrite but I don’t see myself beating BJ Penn right now, he’s a top guy. Anybody under him, yeah, I can go head to head with and I could give it a shot, but I’m not going to sit here and say that my skills are good enough to beat BJ Penn right now because his ground game is way off the charts. Guys like (WEC lightweight champion) Jamie Varner and (Rob) McCullough and guys like that — those guys are tailor made for me to fight. I’m gonna give it a shot and give it a run, but if I fall short again, I’ll be looking forward to moving somewhere else so I can become a champion.”


well at least he seems more humble and mature than he has in the past
6/30/08 10:25:03AM
yeah thats seems to be something different for him
6/30/08 10:36:12AM
it's good to see that he matured a little, but he's still gonna get ran over by Siver.
6/30/08 12:50:28PM
id like to see him go to the wec
6/30/08 1:11:27PM
Anyone that gets popped for cokecane has a below average IQ. Melvin = 89, Ricco= Forrest Gump=75.

Well he isn't as bad as Ricco so he has that going for him.
6/30/08 1:44:11PM
sounds to me that melvin has already made up his mind that he is going to WEC, he doesnt sound that confident fighting the guys at 155, because there are a bunch of good wrestlers and submission guys and melvin said he ground game wasnt good.

in WEC he would have a better chance anyway because it is less stacked than ufc's 155 division and some of the guys down in WEC like to just stand and trade.
6/30/08 5:02:13PM
Oh good that means after he gets beat by siver we wont have to see him in the UFC anymore.
7/1/08 2:11:13PM
Actually, instead of him leaving, I'd prefer he just start winning!

He's exciting to watch when he wins, but just like McFedries and Lawler, when he loses, its both boring and disappointing.
8/7/08 7:05:50PM
Let Melvin fight in the WEC for a while, improve his ground game then maybe try another crack at the UFC.
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