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2/16/08 12:22:53PM
Melvin Guillard (20-7-2 MMA, 3-3 UFC), a cast member from “The Ultimate Fighter 2” who recently suffered back-to-back losses in high-profile UFC fights, is temporarily leaving the UFC to headline next month’s Rage in the Cage event against Eric Regan (9-7 MMA, 0-0 UFC).

The event, RITC 105, takes place March 7 at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Ariz.

2/16/08 2:41:01PM
not watchin that guy
2/16/08 4:11:27PM
Me neither, this guy is disliked by most. A bad choice of headliner imo.
2/16/08 5:20:11PM
Melvin is just like Kevin Randleman which is why he's one of my favorite fighters. he has so much potential but he's not living up to it. I like the break. He's going to knockout bums for 3-4 fights while he gets better and better on the ground, I mean he's doing very well under Ricco Rodriguez. Mark my words, by the end of 09, Guillards going to be a UFC LW contender...
2/16/08 5:25:08PM
i was really upset he didnt KO clementi, what with rich's high girly voice i was hoping guillard was going to "end his career" but he flopped and was gunshy, got submitted and looked like an idiot after flicking clementi off, poor sportsmanship by both men to be honest, dont care to see either of them again unless guillard actually gets a ground game and dosnt grease his legs, ala the huerta fight
2/16/08 9:36:39PM
Hes gona knock out 3 to 4 bums come back talking wayyyyy more trash then he does know and then is gona get submitted again and say the guy was scared of him hes full of excuses it upsets me hearing him
2/17/08 3:25:09AM
I feel sorry for Melvin. He's a boxer that put on the wrong gloves...
2/17/08 10:03:14PM
2/18/08 12:05:58AM
melvin has no class, i dont see him back in the UFC anytime soon
2/18/08 1:16:52AM
Why hate on Melvin Guillard?

After he taps in the first, we'll get the bonus pre-recorded matches.
2/18/08 6:37:27PM

Posted by loonytnt

melvin has no class, i dont see him back in the UFC anytime soon

yeah no doubt about it
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