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7/3/07 10:55:34PM
Hey Melvin Guillard is my very fighter and i was wondering whats going on with him. i know everything about testing for cocaine but when is he coming back? any info helps thanks
7/4/07 4:11:32AM
i think he might be coming back in december but im not entirly sure u just add 8 months from when he got tested for cocaine.
7/4/07 4:35:25AM
He screwed up bad on that one.
7/4/07 7:49:03AM
Guillard is a head case. Hopefully he will figure the mental part of the game out.
7/4/07 11:07:57AM
yeah he just needs a good, strict trainer and i think he'll be fine
7/4/07 3:56:30PM
Melvin needs to learn how to work to get out of submissions. He was in the guillotine for like 2 seconds and tapped. and neer had him in the triangle for less then 5 seconds. He doesn't attempt to get out of submissions he just gives up
7/4/07 4:21:20PM
He's one of the biggest jokes in MMA.
First talking a bunch of smack about how he's gonna knock out Stevenson and he even accuses him of using HGH. Can he back the talk up? No he gets submitted in seconds and tests positive for cocaine....
7/4/07 8:21:36PM
ok so im not saying hes the best guy in the world but if he gets his act together he has a world of potential
7/5/07 4:35:32PM
he still has potential. but he needs a crap load of work. he needs to find a better camp and train with someone who can teach him more about submission defense. I still think he's a good fighter but I lost a lot of respect for the man in his last fight. I mean why do you do cocaine before the fight that your dedicating to you deceased father
7/5/07 4:45:07PM
melvin = LW phil baroni IMO.. talks mad shit, has sledgehammers for fists but can't hit people, weak on the ground, tests positive after talking a ton of shit about his opponent and getting beaten..

i kinda lost it with him after i heard him on TUF2 talking about how he would take matt hughes, only to lose to burkman..
7/5/07 5:06:20PM
Yea Melvin is a bad guy to get involved with. Hes athletic but thats all he is hes got rocks for hands but if you cant hit anything with them they are useless. Daddy took care of him tho. He can be one of the top ten fighters but with the influx of amazing prospects in the 155 for TUF his title contention got snorted up when these guys stepped into the Octagon.IMO of course.
7/5/07 5:07:55PM
I would love for Melvin to drop to 145 and him and Krazy Horse fight.
Gosh that would be sick.
7/5/07 8:00:01PM
I would like to see that but Krazy horse actually can KO or tap some one out
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