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1/3/12 9:10:48AM
SBNation's MMA commander Luke Thomas interviews Dave Meltzer, the world's foremost authority on the intersection of MMA and prowrestling, about Brock Lesnar's rise and fall and rise and fall and rise and apparently final fall.

Luke Thomas: Were you surprised by Brock Lesnar's retirement?

Dave Meltzer: Well, since I heard rumors all week ... no, I wasn't surprised. The way he lost, when that fight was over, I expected him to retire at that moment. When he grabbed the mic and started talking, I go, "He's gonna retire."

Lesnar has made a lot of money and this time he saved his money. He doesn't live high and he's got a life that he wants to lead and he's got the money to lead it for the rest of his life and I always thought that Lesnar wasn't gonna stick around and be a Chuck Liddell or a Wanderlei Silva or a Mirko Cro Cop or all these guys who keep fighting because they're fighters and they just convinced themselves that they can still get it. They say, "Physically, I'm diminished, but I'm a smarter fighter." I think a lot of older fighters think that. You are smarter but it cannot overcome your physical diminishment as you get older. Very, very few can do that.

1/3/12 1:59:18PM
As a fan I can't say i'm super happy Brock retired because any fight he was in always was very interesting for me. It sucks he went through his whole illness and to what effect it really hampered him,i'm not sure if we will ever know.

It's strange because Brock was a sucsuss in the WWE and in the UFC but both where somewhat bittersweet and too brief. He leaves a tail of contreversy wherever he goes I guess.
1/4/12 12:39:28AM
i think it was a good time to retire. to many health problems and brock doesnt seem like he would compete if he wasnt at the highest level, he's been a high caliber athlete for most of his life. i was surprised when he fought after hearing about him getting his intestines removed or whatever.
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