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1/4/10 11:48:11AM
Thread locked. Quite a few of you have done enough in this single thread to warrant a ban from the site. However, since I'm so awesome (and because I'm not about to take the time to go back through and edit all of these posts), I'm going to let it slide and just lock the thread and chalk it up to a full moon.

Let it be known, though...the following are against the rules and WILL NOT be tolerated in the future.

- Name calling
- Fighter bashing (accusing someone of ducking a fight falls under this umbrella)
- Excessive profanity

Please take the time to read the rules. Here are a few that have been violated in this thread.

1. Do not engage in name-calling, threats, exchanges of insults, or intentionally rude behavior towards fellow members. It's 100% fine and normal that you don't agree with another member's comments, and it's completely fine to state that when done without insults. People may post things that are common knowledge, are answered in a pinned topic, or have already been posted many times before. If you care to reply, do so without the use of profanity or a condescending tone. It's old-fashioned, but remember your parents saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". The purpose of having an online community is to have a place for a close-knit group of fans to talk about the things they love (in this case, MMA).

2. Blatant performer bashing (fighters, referees, promoters, etc) will not be tolerated. Stating your opinion in a factual, non-profane manner is acceptable. Example: "I don't really like [fighter name]", "I don't agree with the call that [referee name] made", etc. Flaming/libel is not acceptable. Example: "[Fighter name] is an utter piece of crap", "F*** [fight promoter]! He/She is a walking turd!", etc. Try putting yourself in a fighters place, having worked and trained hard to get where you are, having put your body and health on the line for the entertainment of others, and then imagine reading a forum topic where people who don't even know you are calling you a piece of garbage. "Least favorite fighters", "most overrated", and "fighters you hate" are thread topics that promote fighter bashing.

13. Do not engage in wild conspiracy theory's about fixed fights on the forums. Unless an athletic commission convicts someone of it, or BOTH FIGHTERS in a fight openly agree that it happened, it need not be discussed here. There is no advantage to be gained by discrediting the sport you love, which is the reason you are here in the first place

14. Do not post your OPINION as a FACT. Two facts: "water is wet", "the sky is blue". A non-fact: "Jon Doe will beat Joe Blow and you all know it" when they have never even fought before.

15. If you have a problem with someone breaking a site rule the best thing to do is come to the moderators with it. Attacking them back yourself, which may be breaking site rules in the process, only adds more fuel to the fire. If someone is PM-ing you, and you don't wish them to, just put them on your PM blocked list. If they attack you on the open forums, it WILL get them in trouble have no fear. Practice the discipline and self-control of a martial artist by resisting the temptation to retaliate and letting the mods fire back for you with a ban or suspension instead

Thread locked.
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