(A Melancholy) Happy Trails, Jim McKay

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6/7/08 11:18:16AM
Word broke a short time ago that longtime veteran sportscaster Jim McKay has died at 86. The cause of death was natural causes. McKay was probably best known for his voiceover on the ABC Wide World Of Sports opening, namely the show's signature line-"The Thrill of Victory, and The Agony of Defeat". Without a doubt one of the greatest sportscasters ever, I can't count how many memories I have of him calling great sporting events. He will be very greatly missed.

RIP Jim McKay, and thanks for the memories.
6/7/08 11:28:08AM
He called the Haugen-Pazienza fight on WWS when i was a kid. R.I.P
6/7/08 11:48:11AM
its hard to find a good sportscaster, and thers a lot of jokers out there who dont know what they are talking about so this is a sad loss.
6/7/08 12:41:46PM
I hate when we lose the ones we grew up with. It feels personal even if you never met them before.

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