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9/22/09 9:11:44AM
Of course that would be none other than "Mr. Cub" Ernie Banks. He's coming to where I work next Saturday (October 3) for a baseball symposium I'll be attending where he'll be giving an interview on his life in baseball.

Ernie Banks is one of the most beloved figures in baseball history. From his start in the Negro Leagues, he worked his way up to the Major Leagues and the Hall of Fame. With 512 career home runs and a gold glove, the two-time National League MVP and eleven-time all-star was respected at the plate as well as on the field. The first black player on the Chicago Cubs, he was also the first Cub to have his number retired. Through it all, his hard work and sunny disposition made him a favorite with fans, players, and managers alike. His catch phrase was "It's a beautiful day for a ballgame . . . Let's play two!" In this segment, Banks will reflect on his life in baseball.

If you're going to be in DC that day, register and come join me! Hopefully they'll let us bring cameras, I'll try to bring mine along and get a picture or two. I also may get to meet former Astros player/manager Larry Dierker and Negro Leagues pitcher Mamie Johnson, among others who will be attending including the weekend organist at Yankee Stadium, the manufacturer of Louisville Sluggers, and even a hot dog historian. Tasty.
9/22/09 9:30:52AM
IMO hes the greatest SS of all time(cal ripken is a razor thin choice for second), lets play two!!!
9/22/09 9:42:03AM
I'd put Cal (of course), The Wizard and perhaps El Capitan (Jeter) ahead of him just because I never really saw Banks play, but he's always been one of my favorites from a personality standpoint.

Also, this and all the other sessions I'll be attending will be videotaped and, although I can't say when this will be, they will be posted online and made available to the public via the Library's website.
9/22/09 1:33:41PM
I was thinking Kevin Randleman
9/22/09 1:45:01PM
If I was talking MMA, perhaps if it were Japanese women's fighter Harumi Harumi. She's winless over her entire career.
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