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3/20/08 11:12:38AM
While the debate rages about whether 44-year-old Ken Shamrock should retire from the sport, and while 49-year-old Dan Severn keeps his career alive fighting largely inexperienced opponents, and while 43-year-old Mark Coleman prepares for a post-retirement UFC main event, and while 44-year-old Randy Couture scrambles to secure a fight with Fedor Emelianenko before Father Time becomes too much of a factor, Skip Hall fondly remembers when he was a youngster just like all of them them.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Hall, he's a 63-year-old mixed-martial-arts fighter. Yes, 63.
3/20/08 11:15:22AM
I hope I'm in that kind of shape when I'm 63.
3/20/08 11:58:42AM
Sadly Mark Coleman looks older than him even though Coleman is like 20 years younger
3/20/08 1:15:12PM
If it means I can look like that at 60 something, I'm gonna be a MMA fighter. I don't give a crap how bad I am and how many fights I lose, cause I'll look better at 60 then you did at 25.
3/20/08 5:58:06PM
i read an article about this guy. He's CRAZY!! I've heard older though. There was this 71 year old muay thai guy. Either way, thats old as hell for an mma fighter. We'll see if i'm in that great of shape when i'm 63. LOL.
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