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6/3/11 4:30:10PM
Just watched The Mechanic for the first time. Definitely a fan. Statham and Foster rocked the stunts and the fighting were actually believable! Found this behind the scenes clip that shows how they did some of the fighting. Highly recommend it if you haven't seen it. What do you guys think?

The Mechanic Clip!

6/3/11 8:24:16PM
Haven't seen it yet. But it has two of my favorite actors in it.
6/3/11 8:43:11PM
The original is light years better.....I gave the remake 2/5 stars
6/3/11 11:19:41PM
I thought it was sub par, the best part of the whole movie was foster in the fight scene with the gay guy.
6/5/11 1:34:15PM
Typical Jason Statham movie....the fight scene with the puppy lover and Foster was pretty good
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