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2/3/09 1:52:26PM
This Jordan Breen piece from Sherdog sums up why some of us have been excited about Lyoto Machida all along. After arguing that Georges St Pierre is the culmination of the first era of MMA, the complete fighter of our era, he argues that Machida points to future possibilities for the evolution of the sport:

2/3/09 2:03:07PM
He is the future. And he gets better each fight. He learns exactly how to time his shots and has awesome defense on the feet and the ground. People think he's one of my favorites because I talk him up so much. Though I do like to watch him fight, he's not in my top ten. I simply recognize how good he is at what he does. You'll have to finish him to beat him. Theres no question about that.
2/3/09 3:22:45PM
Machida imo, as a fighter is ahead of his time.
I could forsee the top 3 P4P list getting a lot harder to decide if Machida wins the belt.
2/3/09 4:19:54PM
ive never been a fan of lyoto for his cautious style and win over tito but i was very impressed in his thiago fight
2/3/09 4:47:56PM
After his fight against Silva I jumped on the Machida band wagon. The reason why I jumped on his band wagon is because i'm hoping that he's continued to develop his style to the point where he can finish fights. Against silva, he had a diverse arsenal of offense and it seemed like he didnt have to sacrifice his defensive tactics. He's shown that he can handle a wrestler in tito, and he's shown that he can handle a heavy striker in the early rounds in soko, but I still think he needs to be tested against a top10, let alone a top 5 light heavy weight before we start talking about him as a p4p contender. If he can tool fighters like griffin, rashad, jackson, etc... then i'll gladly put him in my top 5 p4p
2/3/09 5:00:29PM
I think there's a great possibility that we'll see more fighters with a base in San Shou. Anthony Johnson has been training at Cung Le's gym for a while now--and after his highlight reel head kick we can see why.

I think it's great for traditional martial arts, but I'm not expecting the floodgates to open and a bunch of Full Contact Karate champions to come out of nowhere and dominate. Lyoto is a rare fighter, and it's a combination of disciplines that have allowed him to use his Karate. For every Lyoto, there's going to be several Patrick Smith's.
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